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About Act For Integration


Act for Integration is a non-profit organisation working in the fields of art, human rights, culture, media and youth activities in Sweden and in Europe.


We are politically and religiously independent and will cooperate with other organisations and also the Public Sector. 

Our aim is to act for women's rights  every day!


We are involved in national and international projects and activities that have a positive impact on women and girls, regardless of their place of birth, race, religion, or social status.


We believe in the equality of all individuals and strive for a more egalitarian and tolerant society, with a focus on girls and women.


Our work is dedicated to empowering women and girls !

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

- Susanna Udvardi, founder of AFI

Our Mission

We works for women's and children's rights through various cultural and social projects both in Sweden and  in Europe.

Our Mission

Our Vision


A world of equality without violence, where all individuals are valued and treated with the dignity.

We act for a world where everyone is born free and respected , regardless of gender, religios affiliation, nationality , social status, functional variation or sexual orientation.

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